Players: Daniel Timothy Desrosiers (Drums, Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals), Johnny Unicorn (Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar, Saxophone, Back-Up Vocals), Micah Jerome Ellison (Synthesizer)


Oh, where to go tonight: Rhein Haus or somewhere "divey"?
Should we leave The Hill? Oh god, no way!
The Unicorn is alright, but lately it's been weekend douchey.
We could use our phones to get Postmates.
The Hill has changed so much by way of San Francisco.
But, should we leave The Hill? No way!!!

Cause it's hard to beat this convenience disease,
And now I'm all green of cats who live more lean than me,
I'm atrophied and fattened from my means,
It's the purrfect scene of urban complacency.

I am culpable, but so damn comfortable.

Select the event cause I'm so "interested".
At your next, upcoming show... I'm there!
...Unless it's too late, too much, or up in Fremont.
It's our charge to support the scene.
Been slamming beers all day and now I'm all day drunk sleepy.
I thought I'd leave The Hill, oh god, no way!

It's killing me, this tongue and cheek disease.
And now it's obscene to say words genuinely.
Truth is atrophied and weakened by bare sleeves.
It's the purrfect scene of modern complacency.

I am culpable, but so damn comfortable.




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