You Don't Want To Be Here When This All Falls Down​!​!​!

by His Many Colored Fruit



Break ups suck. Listen with headphones.


released May 23, 2013



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Track Name: You Can't Be Sad (Or Can You???)
Let's go to the taco truck and get some huevos rancheros, would you wear that purple dress one last time before you go? I wanted more, I wanted more. I wanted more, so much more. I wanted more, wanted more than you could give to me, but you can't be sad when you never really cared, no you can't be sad when your heart was elsewhere, you can't be sad, even if its unfair, no you can't be said and now I am painfully aware that you can't be sad. Because I 'm the one who dared to say...
Track Name: Road Toke
The lonely hours are upon us, and I don't want to be alone, so I reach out willingly blind to what takes hold takes hold takes hold. It won't work to share your warmth, I would not expect more from you cause we don't share realities, but now I can't let go let go, please take hold.
Track Name: You're A Bird!!! A Fucking Bird!!!
Found your scarf in my bed, last night raised from the dead, we can't seem to stay apart, two lovers and one lonely heart, found my heart in your hand, but you're an ostrich in the sand, manic pixie, manic pixie dream girl, you are nothing but a faux fantasy I don't want you, I don't want you to leave, if you do won't ever sleep again, in my dreams you're moving in slow motion, kissing me your hair is kissed by the sun, finding lovers hidden under covers but for sure they don't ever burn like you, can't find footing when there's nothing solid underneath the lies you believe yourself they are growing, almost overflowing, like a pigeon puffing showing its worth, you ran off love, off into the forest, can't let go of him and the past you share, you will grow up, become a real person, when will I figure out what the fuck that means, found my heart in your hand but you're an ostrich in the sand.