Getting Used to Giving Up

by His Many Colored Fruit

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This album is intended to be listened to stoned (sour diesel), in the dark, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, ON HEADPHONES.


released October 30, 2014

Big giant thanks to the people that helped make this album happen:

Jessica Eballar Forman and Jesse Plack for recording, mixing, and mastering.

Michael Trew, Victoria Ladeh, and Greg LaVergne for letting Coal and I crash on your couches and make this record in your living rooms/bedrooms/bathrooms/hallways/van.

My best friend in the whole wide universe (who also happens to be the subject of the album cover) Coal! I would have never made it (life/album) without her.



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Track Name: A Long Way From Home Part 1: Getting Used to Giving Up
We'll do it anyway,
Believe in my worry or not that's your concern,
Wipe those tears away,
We'll numb ourselves till we can't feel a thing,
You know that I am here for you,
With a love uncut and pure as the driven snow,
I hope that I live this through,
Eventually this style will get the best of you,
Why don't you hold me and fuck me up some more you said to me,
Why don't you fuck me and I will hold you up some more.
Track Name: Egg Shells
Walking on egg shells scattered across linoleum,
And if they were to break,
They would tell everything you think of me,
Like all of the bad things,
You wanted to say but weren't drunk enough,
All of the bad things, all of the bad things.
Our lives are gonna be okay,
As long as you stay away,
Right now you're the enemy,
Why do I feel like I have so many.
To manipulate the hearts and the thoughts of the ones around you,
Will disintegrate hearts and the love of the ones you've bitten
Track Name: Calumet: The Isolated
I think about the place I was before,
Life on the east side has gone away,
At times this place can be such a bore,
Drink dishwater in a world of grey,
Choking on clouds that make me snore,
Love on the west side had gone astray,
At times I can be such a bore,
I hate the beach in a world of grey.
I don't know why the slug, it came for me,
The trail of slime that's left behind is all I see.
Forgotten the place that I was before,
Good times inside have gone away,
Forgotten the place that I was before,
I feel so lost in this world of grey.
I don't know why the slug, it came for me,
The trail of slime that's left behind is all that's real to me!
Track Name: Fire Ants
Beams of,
Light from,
My eyes,
My mouth,
We're small,
Build big.
I'm not my feet,
Not my fingers,
Not this flesh and bone,
Not my hands,
Not my toes,
Just my mind.
Get mad,
Drink beer,
Start fights,
Take back.
Track Name: Vulva of The Solar System
No one said this was gonna be,
A pleasure cruise for you and me,
Collecting all the birds and trees,
Chirping loud for all to see,
Molding clouds into big tongues,
Cunnilingus on the sun,
Cosmic love for everyone,
Out of body vacation,
Where have all my friends gone?
I fighting and struggling to hold onto the joy that I have,
Finding meaning in nothing, rejoicing on the roof in the sun,
Taking solace in knowing that nothing can save me from my self!
Where have all my friends gone?
Track Name: A Long Way From Home Part 2: This Tree Will Be Here Long After You and I Are Dead, Unless Your Mom Hires The Mexicans To Uproot It
I know that we die but I am still trying,
To distance myself from the boy that I am,
And be the man that I wanted to be,
That doesn't dwell on the things that are small,
Like me.
I once was scared of the rat in the garage,
And then one night I faced the vermin,
And soon found out it was small and harmless,
I thought to myself, is this how you see me.
This tree that I look at as I play guitar,
Will be here much longer than myself,
Longer than you,
Much longer than the diamonds around your neck,
Long after the memory of us.