This EP is based on the book, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?", By Philip K. Dick. You should read it!


released May 24, 2013



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Track Name: Tyranny of an Object
When I woke up I did not want to be,
I should have gotten my self up on setting D.
With Buster on the screen I stare into the void,
I should wisen up and dial a 481.

The Penfield Mood Organ,
It will feel for you when you can't feel a thing.
Oh, how I need to feel somthing.

I when I was bored I had my self a fuse,
I stood at the base of a tall and dust hill.
For miles around there was nary a soul,
So I climbed the hill until a rock was thrown.

The suffering of Mercer,
He is all of us and all of us are him.
All of us, all of us are one.

When I get home I will retire my sheep,
For far too long my things controlled my.
But now no more, it is time to rebel,
When my things are gone, my life will be complete.

The tyranny of an object,
They'll take all your love, but they won't give it back.
No, they'll never, never give it back!
Track Name: Dial 3
She says she can hear the sound of emptiness,
She wants some real, live sheep upon her rooftop deck.

If you're feeling down...

John says he wants to feel like...
Before the dust,
He can't escape to Mars, no.
Nor the Moon.

If you're feeling down...
Dial 3.
Track Name: Empathy Box
Draped in grey,
Upon the hill.

Evil in your peripheral.

They will throw the stones,
Make you feel alone.

Evil in your peripheral.

With the empathy box you're not alone.

Can you feel the rain,
Wash your mind away?

Evil in your peripheral.